Earth Erotica Fine Art Photography by Heather Firth
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Heather Firth
Inspired Lover
Insight, wisdom, and art for inspired loving
Heather Firth, CC, CSC
Certified Life & Spiritual Coach * Artist

Heather's Sexuality Definitions:
Intro | Conventional | Therapeutic | Spiritual | Adventurous

Heather Firth - Artist and Sex Educator
Spiritual Sexuality

Intentional coupling of sexual energy with the Supreme Spirit to attain ecstatic communion, merging body and soul into the universal One. Ancient practices of Tantra yoga link sexual communion with self-realization, transforming the act of love into sacred ritual and meditation.

Spiritual sexuality is the conscious orchestration of sexual energy, an artful play with the fires of desire — arousal dancing the delicious ascendance and relaxation of sexual tumescence. Sex is viewed as natural, a generative life-giving force and transcendent marriage of Heaven (masculine/spirit) and Earth (feminine/substance). Spiritual sex is ever expanding in pleasure and depth of loving without beginning or end.

Spiritual Integrity
Radical self-respect liberates body, mind, heart, and spirit
Self-inquiry and kind introspection generate freedom in love
Transform sexual energy into a source of inspiration and insight
Sacramental sexuality is guided by the infinite wisdom of the heart
Completely present whole-being lovemaking

Sexual communion
Sexuality and acts of love are given spiritual purpose
Intentional focusing of devotional energies
Adorn and consecrate the environment as holy shrine
Stimulate the senses, cleanse the body, and purify the mind
Enter the sex act centered and grounded with clarity of purpose

The body temple
Human body is a temple of sensory divinity
Union of inner-being and body intelligence with the heart and genitals
Breath control and energy attunements escalate and balance sexual intensity
Activate chakras: energy focal points in the subtle body
Kundalini: awaken and uncoil the serpent with consciousness
Direct the energy of ejaculation: internal and external release
Ride the Wave of Bliss: peaks, valleys, and plateaus of arousal

Heaven and Earth
Blissful union between individual consciousness and universal life force
Harmonious marriage of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine
Mystical play and eternal dance of Phoenix/Dragon, Shiva/Shakti, Yin/Yang
Orgasm with the totality of existence

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