Earth Erotica Fine Art Photography by Heather Firth
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Heather Firth
Inspired Lover
Insight, wisdom, and art for inspired loving
Heather Firth, CC, CSC
Certified Life & Spiritual Coach * Artist

Heather's Sexuality Definitions:
Intro | Conventional | Therapeutic | Spiritual | Adventurous

Heather Firth - Artist and Sex Educator
Adventurous Sexuality

Are you ready for sensation surfing, endorphin highs, adrenaline rushes, and emotional cartwheels? The complex and taboo realms of pan-sensual eroticism simultaneously intrigue and frighten — consensual domination and submission, bondage and discipline, sadomasochism, fetishism, gender personas, and multi-partnered sexuality — to name a few. At the most sublime, sophisticated erotic games and elegant rituals require mutual respect, unquestionable trust, secure love, emotional resilience, and deep spiritual maturity — plus a healthy craving for scintillating intimacy.

Adventure implies risk. Exploration penetrates the unknown. Experimentation affords discovery. Without investigating erotic appetites, exposing desires, or opening our hearts to the mysterious, sexual boredom becomes reality. Partners who explore — each at their own pace and depth — uncharted territories of emotional, sensual, and spiritual phenomena are ensured a lifetime of passionate full-spectrum loving.

As with all aspects of life and art, sexual knowledge and expertise are born of education, training, experience, and practice. To ensure physical and psychological safety, the self-determination learned in conventional, therapeutic, and spiritual sexuality is requisite to exploring real-life adventurous sexuality. Advanced levels of stimulation play, erotic theater, and on-the-edge psychosexuality must be explicitly safe, sane, and consensual between informed, mentally competent adults.

Artistic loving
Ethics, etiquette, and protocol of adventurous sexuality
Beyond shame: sharing secrets, unusual desires, and forbidden fantasies
Demystifying kinky sex; proverbial misconceptions of S/M energy
Co-design and choreograph loving erotic scenarios, from build-up to afterglow
Illuminate the dark: transcendence, catharsis, and euphoria of sexual magic

Erotic arts
Symbols, fetishes, and archetypes: attire for desire and setting the stage
Role-play: heart-connected power exchange with mutual consent
Bondage and discipline: physical restraint and psychological immobilization
Percussive touch: erotic spanking, paddling, and flagellation
Rigorous pleasures, rough sex, erotic pain, and refined punishment
Exhibitionism and voyeurism; public sex, play parties, and clubs
Cyber sex: benefits of email, chat, webcams, and phone sex
Lifestyles, multiple partners, and same-sex lovers
Sexual orientation, gender identity, and alternate personas
And much, much more...

The players
People of all spiritual and sexual persuasions
Talented tops and enlightened bottoms
Mischievous masters and savvy slaves
Deviant dominants and sublime submissives
Superlative switches and carnal consorts
Monogamous mates and poly-amorous partners

Know and respect all limits
How to talk about safe sex - while it is still safe!
Clarify boundaries between fantasy and reality
Who really wields the power?
Physical safety, warm-ups, emotional security, and safe-words
Equipment and sex toy guidelines and precautions
Oops! Blunders, faux pas, and scenes gone awry
Aftercare: bask in love, tender assurances, debriefing, and follow-up

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