Earth Erotica Fine Art Photography by Heather Firth
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Heather Firth
Inspired Lover
Insight, wisdom, and art for inspired loving

Heather Firth, CC, CSC
Certified Life & Spiritual Coach * Artist

Heather's Sexuality Cornerstones:
Intro | Conventional | Therapeutic | Spiritual | Adventurous

Heather Firth - Artist and Sex Educator
Heather's Sexuality Cornerstones

Sexuality is a touchy subject!
Before embarking on this adventure please read the following...

I have been dedicated to increasing mainstream sexual intelligence since 1971. My Heart of Loving programs and Earth Erotica nature photography are endorsed by a wide spectrum of academic, medical, and psychiatric professionals, teachers, parents, and clergy. I am not a medical doctor or therapist. My Heart of Loving material is intended solely for the purpose of educating informed mentally competent adults.

While I give great consideration to present an unbiased in-depth study of human sexuality in a positive light, some people may find aspects of this material objectionable. Activities mentioned herein may be illegal in your state or nation. Know the governing laws of your region and proceed accordingly at your own discretion.


Heather's Sexuality Cornerstones:
  • Conventional: Heart-connected intimate pleasures
  • Therapeutic: Practical solutions for sexual concerns
  • Spiritual: Coupling sexuality with Divine energy
  • Adventurous: Taboo realms of pan-sensual eroticism

  • Table of Contents:
    Conventional Therapeutic Spiritual Adventurous
    Intimate rapport
    Issue clearing
    Love and relationship
    Emotions and connection
    Age and sex
    Healing and recovery
    Healthy sexuality
    Spiritual integrity
    Sexual communion
    The body temple
    Heaven and Earth
    Artistic loving
    Erotic arts
    The players

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    "Heather makes it safe for us to acknowledge our sexuality and helps us experience the interdependence between sexual vitality and spiritual development."

    Nancy Rosanoff, PhD
    Author: Knowing When It's Right


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