Earth Erotica Fine Art Photography by Heather Firth
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Heather Firth
Inspired Lover
Insight, wisdom, and art for inspired loving
Heather Firth, CC, CSC
Certified Life & Spiritual Coach * Artist

Heather's Sexuality Definitions:
Intro | Conventional | Therapeutic | Spiritual | Adventurous

Heather Firth - Artist and Sex Educator
Conventional Sexuality

Intimate and sexual experiences based on what we have learned from our parents, friends, peers and schools, religion and culture — heterosexual procreative intercourse. In the Heart of Loving we offer heart-connected sexual pleasure within a spiritual context and journey far beyond basic penis-vagina-orgasm goal oriented activity.

Conventional sexuality can be elegant and deeply passionate between partners who speak openly with each other, honor their bodies, and engage in sensual pleasure without an agenda. Love flourishes for couples who delight in life, enliven each other intellectually, cultivate spiritual energy, and relax in the ebb and flow of sexual desire.

Ecstasy and agony: how words hurt, heal, and create love
Express and release emotional energy on purpose
Trust the divine intelligence of intuition
Vulnerability is a sacred offering
The Positive Request Cycle: master the art of joyful assertion
Why hints, clues, and ultimatums never work
Solution oriented conflict resolution and creative problem solving
Emotional hygiene: daily practices for a clear heart

Intimate Rapport
How to talk about sex in and out of bed
Appreciation, approval, and gratitude stimulate libido
For more and better sex: initiate more and better non-sexual affection
The language of love: develop a vocabulary for pleasure
Negotiate sexual compatibility and complementary desires

Pleasure dates: how to give and receive amorous attention
Spontaneous v/s planned intimacy
Physical hygiene: preparing for love
Love-maps: give guided tours of your intimate geography
Make noise! Breathe love-sounds into the cadence of passion
Signs of life: animate body responses; move, shake, and undulate
Slow down! Excitement cancels sensuality

Male and female sexual anatomy
Healthy abstinence, celibacy, and self-sexuality
Trust body intelligence for sexual confidence
Orgasms: how to build, sustain, release, or contain
Manual, oral, and mutual genital stimulation; anal sex
Goddess area (G-spot) massage and female ejaculation
Myths regarding natural secretions and applied lubricants
PMS: Pleasure Map Sex; blessings of her moon-cycles and heat waves
Expand pleasure receptivity and sexual variety

Issue clearing
How doubt, fear, shame, and guilt are allies to intimacy
All emotions are messengers of love
Limiting beliefs and negative habits can aid spiritual growth
Freedom and control: expectations, agreements, vows, and commitments
Jealousy, trust, and secrets: how what you hide divides
Monogamy, fidelity, promiscuity, and nonconsensual extramarital affairs
The Four R's of connection: respond, react, resist, or reunite

Love and relationship
Indulge in love and take pleasure from your relationships
The wonder of women and men: enjoy the similarities and utilize the differences
Give children a priceless inheritance: champion true love and genuine happiness
High humor, fun, and artful rapport come with increased insight
Lust after a vibrant life: invite play, ignite desire, and seduce Eros
Deeply connected passionate sex is an art form
Cultivate intimacy before, during, and after lovemaking
Spiritual ecstasy inherent in sexual communion is our birthright

* Love is realized in a heartbeat. Get Started Today!

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