Earth Erotica Fine Art Photography by Heather Firth
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Heather Firth
Certified Life & Spiritual Coach * Artist
Inspired Lover
Insight, wisdom, and art for inspired loving

Heather Firth, CC, CSC
Certified Life & Spiritual Coach * Artist

Heather Firth - Artist and Sex Educator
Coaching and Workshop Testimonials
Office and Telephone sessions

"Heather Firth assisted me in my change from young lady to a woman. The time I spent with her allowed me to recognize my needs in love, intimacy, business, family and myself. She showed me the meaning of hard work and dedication to a dream no matter what the odds. To follow my heart and never be afraid, for your spirit knows the way. And by all means speak and live your Truth.

I now have a wonderful relationship with my mother again and the rest of my family. I have found my true love thanks to Heather reminding me to always honor myself and the man will come who will do the same. I am now implementing Heather's business building strategies to start my own."

Rev. Karmynn L. Burris R.M., Connecticut

"I suspect that my sexual relationship with my wife of 30 years isn't that different from many others. The fires of passion that once burned brightly had slowly burned themselves out and all that remained were the smoldering embers of lost desire. Spontaneity had been replaced by inertia. Over time, variety was reduced to routine. The spark of a once amorous connection became buried in our busy professional lives. And, only friendship, companionship, routine, frustration and the "to do" list remained.

I came to Heather frustrated, angry and ready to demand "change or else" in our relationship. Now, I'm not going to tell you that her advice and mentoring led to some miraculous shift in our relationship, but what I can tell you is that it led to a tremendous shift in me and how I look at our relationship.

Heather helped me see that even under the best of conditions relationships are challenging requiring attention and effort; that, I needed to work at stoking the fires of passion, that I needed to work at keeping it fresh and spontaneous. And, then Heather worked with me to develop the tools I needed to add the spark back into our relationship. I will be forever grateful. Thank you, Heather."

Larry Elmore, Writer/Producer
Telluris Studios, Boulder, Colorado

"Heather is one of those special, gifted souls that brings out your own inner-light with her loving and energetic compassion. An excellent guide to rediscovering oneself, she has greatly assisted me in clarifying my passions, desires and expectations in life's journey. I attribute my own spiritual and sensual growth to Heather's loving wisdom. She does nurture the Guru within us all, with her words, her art and her vast knowledge and experience on relationships, love and sensuality."
Harold Ladino, Interactive Media Designer, New York

"Wow! Heather Firth is an amazing coach, mentor, counselor and speaker. As a guy in my twenties, I solicited Heather's help to better attract, communicate with and love women. Not to mention sexually please them more. I am now in my thirties and after applying Heather's advice and coaching to my life and relationships, the repeated successes with women have lead me to find the woman of my dreams.

Heather's fun, practical and easy-to-use communication tools go a long way to improving the quality of male/female relationships on every level. My intimacy was great before putting Heather's teachings into practice, but now I enjoy a phenomenal sex life!

Heather opened my eyes to a world I was previously unconscious to and one that I now can't imagine living without. She has a proven ability to isolate a man's strengths and weaknesses and provide specific and memorable actions to take to improve his relations with women. It really does work!

By applying the lessons from Heather's workshops, from the simplest of communication techniques to her intricate and spiritually-connected philosophies on love and relationships, I have enjoyed a significant and positive impact throughout my entire life. I would highly recommend anyone to attend one of Heather's workshops (or seek one-on-one counseling with her) that is interested in a greater level of depth, attraction and happiness in their interpersonal relationships.

To more deeply understand Heather's unique ability to assist people with their sex life, one only needs to behold her impressive Earth Erotica collection of photographs. The series of sensual earth forms that mirror the human body, both male and female, projects the message that sex is all around us. By supporting her workshops with these erotic examples of fine art, Heather is able to reinforce the message that Mother Nature enjoys great sex, so why can't we?! I know that the three Earth Erotica images hanging in my bedroom could tell a story or two of some amazing sensual explorations of my own!

Thanks for everything Heather!"

A. B.
Vice-President of Marketing
Home Textiles Industry, New York

"Heather uses her unique gifts as teacher and sensual being to lead you through quantum leaps, not only in your sexuality, but in all your loving relationships — present and future. Speaking personally, her seminar was an Epiphany."
Martin Blinder MD, Psychiatric Faculty UCSF
Author, Choosing Lovers

"The Inspired Lover has shown me better ways to communicate with family, friends and sexual partners. Taking the class with my mother has expanded our relationship tremendously."
Melanie Doskocil

"My husband and I treasure our experience in The Inspired Lover. Heather's presentation was both heartfelt and playful. Her unique blend of Eastern sacred sexuality concepts and Western research was intriguing. Perhaps of greatest benefit was improved communication on all levels within our relationship."
Lin Huntting
James Leeling

"I learned how to honor myself, speak my truth, and ask for what I want in personal and business relationships."
Andrea Scarla

"Heather's counseling skills and sensitivity in addressing sexual and intimacy problems has a profound and energizing effect on couples' relationships."
John Robbins, MA, Murphy-Robbins Clinic

"Heather provides a safe and honoring atmosphere for personal growth. I moved through old fears and inhibitions to new heart openings�.very useful information that is easily understood and put into practice."
Michael Lattanzio

"Thank you so much for your wonderful seminar Heather. We enjoyed the exercises and gained exciting new insights into our relationship. The empathic environment and special feeling of camaraderie with other members helped clear issues that had previously held back our personal progress. We recommend this seminar to everyone, whether or not currently in a relationship."
Stephen Corigall
Lynn Corrigall

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