Earth Erotica Fine Art Photography by Heather Firth
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Comments and Acclaim

"Heather, your photographs are so inspiring. Discovering them was one of my favorite parts of our project. Thanks for sharing your Sexual Intelligence with us."
      Kim Cattrall, award-winning actress of HBO series Sex and the City
      Author, producer, host: Kim Cattrall Sexual Intelligence
      HBO/AETN documentary film and book
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"Heather Firth's Earth Erotica photographs are an exquisite testimony of the ever present primordial feminine essence in nature. They serve as a portal to the mystical dimensions of our source and I have been thrilled to include two of them in my film, Coming of Age: From Bud to Flower."
      Educational multi-media menarche kit for mothers and daughters
      Project: From Girl to Woman
      Hemitra Crecraft, Author, Director, Producer: Woman Wisdom Corp. - empowering women and girls

"Heather Firth's artistic eye and photographic composition bring to life that which was previously unimaginable: rocks can be sexy! It is fresh, original imagery."
      Bert Rudman, Producer, ABC Primetime

"...Evocative of Georgia O'Keeffe's abstractions...Upon viewing the undulating curves, crevices and textures in Heather Firth's images one will never see nature in the same way again."
      Ren�e Phillips, Author, New York Contemporary Art Galleries:
      The Complete Annual Guide

"...empowering for women. Everyone loves your work in my office!"
      Hilda Hutcherson, M.D., co-director of the New York Center for Women�s Sexual
      Health at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center
      Author, What Your Mother Never Told You About S-E-X

"Heather makes it safe for us to acknowledge our sexuality and helps us experience the interdependence between sexual vitality and spiritual development."
      Nancy Rosanoff Ph.D, Author: "Knowing When It's Right" &

"The pictures are so sensual it's hard to believe they are actually rocks and trees from Mother Nature. They are unbelievable really."
      Arlene Bynon, Host, The Arlene Bynon Interview
      Global Television Network, Toronto, Canada

"Heather Firth is a talented photographer and artist, and her teaching on sexuality and the erotic arts is unparalleled. Her Earth Erotica photographs are a passionate representation of nature in all of her erotic glory. As a psychotherapist and sexuality counselor the images can be used therapeutically to create dialogue about the sensual images and the feelings they generate in each client and couple. Heather has captured the sensuality of life through her evocative images."
      Tammy C. Nelson MS LPC LADC ATR CIT
      Founder, Executive Director, Center for Healing & Recovery, Ridgefield, Connecticut

"Heather Firth takes two of life's elements I feel most passionate about, sex and nature, and combines them to create some of the most beautiful and mind-boggling images I've come across. It takes an especially creative eye and a playful mind to even notice such natural erotic imagery. Add to that a skilled mastery of the medium and you have some very unusual and provocative work!"
      Candida Royalle, President, Femme Productions

"The first time I saw Heather's work I was delightfully captivated. Heather's photographs visually describe a connection and relationship�demonstrating the esthetic likeness between wind and water sculpted limestone and the living breathing human organism. I own two of her photographs. There is an undeniable sensuality present in these beautiful images."
      Cindy Joseph, Beauty and Fashion Model with Ford Model Inc., Classic II Division

"...the [Erotica] Expo's most explicit stuff may have been Heather Firth's photographs of geologic formations that look like labia and phalluses."
      Ralph Gardner Jr., Interviewer, Penthouse Magazine
      30th Anniversary Special Collector's Edition, September 1999

"Heather Firth's photos are surprising, provocative, almost surreal. They are so original that I am sure that anyone else walking by those formations would probably never discover the hidden sensuality that her eyes could see. The warm colors and suggestive shapes display the true beauty of earth's body."
      Xaviera Hollander, Author, The Happy Hooker and Child No More

"In a culture that is bent on dominating, using, and abusing Mother Earth (in the same way that women are sexually used, abused and dominated), how refreshing to experience Heather Firth's artwork. Through her photographs, Heather communicates the profound sensual beauty and sacredness of sexuality that is reflected in our Earth Mother. The purity and energy of earth erotica is channeled through Heather's photographs -- and she beautifully reclaims and restores the sacred spiritual nature of our common life."
      Reverend Dr. Samuel A. Boys, Professor of World Religions

"Stunning photographs. I'm watching Oprah...waiting for you to appear."
      Shari-Lynn Sare, Media Relations, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Canada

"Think of Heather Firth as a topographically-minded Georgia O'Keefe with a really good pair of hiking boots...Earth Erotica, a surprising, adventurous series of photographs that illustrate sexual imagery in its most natural habitat, nature itself."
      Tim Haft, Author, Erotic New York: The Best Sex in the City

"...the simple observance of her images could be deeply healing to those with sexual issues as they help us to re-connect the purity and wholeness of Mother Earth with our own sexual nature. Heather has bridged the gap between what might be considered pure erotica with fine art and created an art form that is at the same time therapeutic."
      Glenda Feinsmith, FCSW, Psycotherapist

"...vibrantly erotic images. No photographer that I know has her eye for what is seductive in nature or the persistence to seek out the hidden places where it is so completely revealed."
      Clyde Tressler, English Department Chairman, Scarsdale Middle School

"...Highlights the structure, elegance, power and inherent sensuality found in nature. Photographer Heather Firth aims to capture sexuality and eroticism in the natural contours of the earth through her photography. Firth opens our eyes to a new aesthetic view of the rocks and hills surrounding us."
      Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
      Dragonfire Publication, Issue 10
      Top 5 Geology Appreciation Sites

"Looking at Earth Erotica, in all its naked grandeur, I am reminded: we are, all of us, forms of beauty - ripe for connection. Thank you, Heather, for this deep and lively blessing from our spiritual mentor, Earth!"
      Reverend Sue Bouder

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